Kaiju Kit Scratch Built Sculptures

Recenetly I have been getting many emails of kit builders, who have shown me several sculptures they made from scratch!  This is a very different modeling aspect then what I normally cover on my page but I feel it definely is a aspect that should be covered (at least on a personal collection level).   It really is a step above standard modeling, as you start with no guides, and have to make your own pose and design.   Personally, I've never attempted my own sculpt, but may after seeing everyone elses impressive work, its really opened up a new area of modeling.   I hope everyone looks and enjoys the creations as they all looks like they have put a lot of hard work into each one.  Hopefully some people may even be inspired to create that one Godzilla sculpture that no ones made before...who knows maybe you could be the next Yuji Sakai!!  If you have any Custom Sculptures you would like to share please email me.

Gabe McIntosh's Sculptures

Danny Rothermel Jr's. Sculptures

Bill Gudmundson's Sculptures

Brian Hug's Sculptures

Pan Mak's Sculptures

Stephen Watts GMS Sculptures

Melly Curphy Sculptures