This is a tribute to the greatest Godzilla modeling page that ever existed PAO PAO WONDERLAND. The amazing creator of this site, Masato Matsumoto is an inspiration.
PAO PAO WONDERLAND for decades provide amazing coverage of Godzilla and other kaiju kits, with tons of
photos and the most accurate information. Every model show was covered with incredible detail of all the kits being released.

In our early days at Kaijukits, as a young person designing the site we regretfully took many images with out permission, not knowing any better.
 We never meant any disrespect to the sites creator. We've spent much time trying to identify and replace all the images and continue to do so.

While Pao Pao Wonderland seems to be offline, we truly respect all the countless hours that have been dedicated to making this hobby grow.
Your generous sharing of information and passion for this hobby have help grow a community world wide and you are owed much gratitude.
We hope all is well with you, we apologize, ask forgiveness and hope one day you will return!

PAO PAO WONDERLAND, your site will forever be the KING!