Billiken MechaGodzilla II Mad Labs Godzilla
Kaiyodo Godzilla 1994 Tsukuda Destroyah
Kaiyodo Godzilla 1989 SD West Kenji Baragon 2002
Kaiyodo MechaGodzilla 1993 West Kenji Godzilla 2002
M1 Biollante vs Godzilla 1989 Zokei Kobo Godzilla vs King Ghidorah Wrap
GMS Scratch Built Mothra Larva
Favorite modeler: In all my time spent scouring the internet in search of Godzilla masterpieces, I have
yet to see any builder match the skill of Bill Gudmundson.
Favorite sculptor: Shigeo Mori, hands down. To those unfamiliar with his name, he sculpted both the West
Kenji GMK Godzilla and Baragon. His attention to detail is stupifying.
Favorite sculpt: Since I'm a huge Biollante fan, I'll have to say the M1 Biollante kit.
Favorite kit that you've built: Maybe it's because it was the first high-end kit I've ever had and completed, or maybe it's because I like Baragon, but either way I'll go with my West Kenji GMK Baragon.
Kit that you're most looking forward to building: Seriously, I'd just like to finish my Sakai Ghidorah Wrap kit.
Paint preference: Acrylic all the way. You can't go wrong with fifty-cent paints.