Sculpted by Danny Rothermel Jr.

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    Godzilla, the best movie monster ever brought to life in my humble opinion.  After seeing Gabe Mcintosh's sculptures, I thought that was something I could do as well.  This sculpture is something that I'm calling, for right now, "Startled Godzilla".  I envisioned it after a drawing I did and thought that it looked cool with Godzilla awaking from a blast of Ghidorahs gravity bolts.  I've been working on it for about three weeks now and I am pleased as to how its turning out. It's still a work in progress so this is by no means finished.  I'm still trying to get the head and face just right.  I tried to take it from G2K with a little bit of the Heisei version mixed in.
I sorta made it a cross between Gabe Mcintosh "Crouching Godzilla" and my drawing.

- Danny